Self-guided walking and audio tours are available year-round at no charge for individuals and groups who would like to explore the farm at their own pace.

Maps of the farm are available at the Garden Store or Main Office. They can also be downloaded below. Download the audio tracks here, too. Starred tracks represent physical stops on the walking tour map, while the other tracks can be enjoyed while walking from stop to stop.

map of the rodale institute farm

Rodale Institute Farm Map

Download our farm map to take with you as you enjoy our audio tour.

Audio Tracks

Follow along with the audio tour by listening to the tracks directly from your web browser. Numbered tracks correspond with locations on the Walking Tour Map.


1. Apple Orchard*

2. Water Purification Eco-Center*

3. Garden Store*

4. Pioneer Pathway*

5. Stone Bank Barn*

6. Rodale House*

Farmer Training

7. Demonstration Gardens*

8. Greenhouses*


9. Vegetable Systems Trial*

9a. Industrial Hemp*

Farming Systems Trial

10. Compost Yard*

11. Operations Building*

Research Lab

12. Siegfried Barn*

13. Siegfried House*

14. Spring House, South Pond & Wetlands*

Honeybee Conservancy

15. Main Office*

There is no audio track for this stop. Additional maps are available here.

16. Organic Hog Facility*

Before You Leave

Take a Virtual Tour

With our virtual reality video series, you can explore Rodale Institute from the comfort of your home.

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