Want to grow engaged, curious learners and teach healthy eating habits? Start in the garden.

Studies show that kids who participate in school gardening programs are not only more involved in the classroom—they score higher on standardized tests, have increased self-esteem, and are four times as likely to eat their veggies.

Program Overview

Gardening can offer lessons in everything from science and math to business and finance, which is why we developed My First Garden, a free curriculum for educators of pre-school- and kindergarten-aged children that is easily adapted for elementary-school learners, too.

Each lesson includes a video tutorial, printable resources, books to read, crafts, and snacks to get all senses involved! It consists of five lesson plans with step-by-step instructions that teachers can begin at any time of year:

Get Started

All the resources you need to implement your own school gardening program are available at MyFirstGarden.org.

Download the Curriculum